Sensible Roulette Strategies

In the casino game of roulette, several strategies are used by players. A lot the strategies implemented involve using systems. Some systems are good while others are bad. Some are worth giving a shot while others are plainly ridiculous.

In this article however, the roulette strategies discussed does not involve the use of any system at all. The strategies are mainly based on the combination of a lot of experience and plain common sense.

The Wheel Has No Memory

Contrary to what most casinos will want you to believe, the roulette wheel does not remember (it doesn’t have a memory). You are just giving your money away to the casino if you continue playing the game believing the wheel has a memory. Although sometimes, streaks may happen, so four or five red numbers may come out consecutively. This doesn’t mean the chances of a black number coming out next will increase. The probability of getting a color remains the same each time the wheel spins. This means even if you see red numbers win like five times in a row, you shouldn’t start to think the outcome of the next spin will certainly be a black number.

How To Bet

You should try to think about the way you bet in roulette. Be sure you are betting to win and not against yourself. A lot of players are not aware of this, but how they bet is a big factor that determines if they will win or lose. Using a betting strategy that allows players leverage their winnings and losses is the best method. For example, many players like betting on both red and black numbers at a time. If the outcome of the spin of the wheel is 0 or 00,

what such players will get is a push or worse, a total loss.The positive progression technique is one of the betting strategies that are good enough to apply. This is how positive progression works. You will place a straight up bet on a group of numbers. If you win, you take your winnings (which are 35-to-1), double your bets, and keep the rest. If you win again, you can either leave a winner or progress your bet. If you lose, start over with the initial amount you began with.

As I mentioned earlier, theoretically, the strategy looks good and you should give it a try. However, I will strongly advise you not to bet using the negative progression strategy. The basis of this strategy involves doubling one’s bet each time one loses. You could lose your whole bankroll very quickly. It increases your losses exponentially, and even if you win, you will only be getting back to zero. Using negative progression is a really bad idea.

Numbers to Play

There is no useful strategy I can really give you on this. Everybody feels comfortable with different lucky numbers. Some people may decide to select numbers based on age of loved ones, birthdays, telephone numbers, hotel rooms, psychic readings and a lot of other things. Choosing the numbers to bet on is really your decision to make.

Why Casino Resorts Are The Best Weekend Getaway Option

The reason why casino resorts are not one of the most popular destinations considered for a weekend getaway has always eluded me. They offer more entertainment than a movie and dinner, they are not as expensive as it is widely believed, and provides as much relaxation as a beach trip. If you are in need of a quick getaway, below are some of the reasons why casino resorts are one the perfect option for some fun-filled weekend.

They Are Affordable (And Potentially Profitable)

Paying a visit to a casino resort is one of the least expensive options for a nice weekend getaway. With just a little good luck, it could even end up becoming profitable. Casino resorts are not like regular hotels that only make money when they sell hotel rooms. In addition to people buying rooms, the resorts also get money when people dine, drink, shop, visit the spa, gamble, and purchase tickets to events. This is why the rates they typically offer are cheaper than those of regular hotels. Resort rooms are designed in a beautiful style. In addition to cheaper rooms, casinos also give out promotions. Through this, you can save money on food and gambling. A lot of casinos give their new players free stuff. All that is required of you to do is to sign up for one of the free player’s cards to get their latest promotion. These promotions ranges from free food, playing table or slot games for free, a discounted room, entries into contests or drawings, prizes, and sometimes, a combination of them all. After your stay, the casino will send a monthly newsletter and free offers to you via mail. The offers they will send you will become better, depending on how frequent you play.

They Have Many Delicious Dining Options

Almost all the casinos out there have a café, a diner/deli, a buffet, and also a nice steak or seafood restaurant. In some places, they also offer other kinds of dining options like a pizzeria, a sports bar or a sushi restaurant. It is so good that you, for each meal throughout your stay, you can eat a different and nice place without stepping a foot out of the building. Casino resorts always have a bar, most times several bars. In some cases, they provide live music and nightclub.

There Are Lots Of Entertainment And Shopping Options.

Casino resorts will always have a gift shop. A lot of times, there are other kind of small shops as well. Shops like a jewelry store, a cigar lounge, or a menswear shop. For those that do not gamble, various types of entertainment are also offered. They include a spa or sauna, a hot tub and pool, and a golf course with a pro shop. They also provide a large venue used for hosting shows and concerts. Casino resorts are available all over the country; you don’t necessarily have to visit Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Search online for one close to you. Odds are, at most, you are just a few hours drive away from one.